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ROFLOL Humor in advertising

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I disagree almost entirely with @Firfan on this, Little, if anything, of what is mentioned has anything at all to do with advertising nor are any of Totem's statements that are referenced in any way false.

However, as has been brought up by the other participants, I do agree that that it would be nice to know in detail what was being flagged by an "update" sticker. Like @Chicsans I use a mobile data connection most of the time and therefore download the clips and updates only when I have access to a suitable WIFI connection (which I can do most weeks, but not always due to travelling), Almost all card updates have completed in a much shorter time than that required to download the clips for a new card so if I knew beforehand roughly how large an individual update would be then it is likely that I would have updated at least some, possibly many, via the mobile network.

recently I suffered a nasty surprise from iDancer. I had not used this program for some time but accidently started it a few days ago. For some reason unknown to me (maybe due to a change in my disk configuration) iDancer started a massive download which I did not initially notice. By the time I had seen the constant network traffic iDancer had downloaded over 2.6GB of data which had blown my highspeed mobile data quota for the month and therefore made using other programs a right royal pain in the arse. This forum is still usable, but slow, as is any web browsing. I had at first assumed that it was a Windows update being downloaded so I was cursing Microsoft until I found that iDancer was the real culprit.