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7 décembre 2018
Thank God It's Friday but you gonna love Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too !

First, let me present you the shows we have released this week... Of course, those of you who have purchased the Advent calendar already know them, and even more, since they have the shows one day ahead of their official release.

Releases of this week

Booster Pack Kepp and Redraw... 2.0!

We heard you! You have expressed your frustration during our previous edition of the redraw pack and we have improved the way it works accordingly! Now, you can KEEP the card(s) you love and redraw only the one(s) you don't!

How it works

  • The booster pack is made of 10 cards discounted by 25%.
  • You can keep the show(s) you like pressing the "hold" button, then redraw the rest for 1 credit and repeat the operation until you've got your perfect pack!
  • You can generate as many packs as you want till the promo ends

The booster pack redraw will be available during the week-end Plus it will continue during the whole next week until Friday morning (Paris time).

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7 décembre 2018
Bonus +20% on buy credit will be christ mass gift? :D
Inscrit en févr. 2011

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7 décembre 2018 (edited)
If I redraw the booster pack, can the cards I do not put on hold reappear in the redraw? Or are the new cards guaranteed to be from cards not included in the old pack?

Edit: In other words. Can the same card appear every time I redraw?
Inscrit en févr. 2017

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7 décembre 2018
Edit: In other words. Can the same card appear every time I redraw?
it just might depends on how many cards are in reseve /have'nt gotten

Bonus +20% on buy credit will be christ mass gift? :D
who can tell??
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7 décembre 2018
Good idea for a promo. Might give it a try...
Inscrit en juil. 2018

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7 décembre 2018
I love the new booster pack redraw! I never used older versions because I won't take cards i don't want
Advent Calendar is first time i get cards without knowing what they will be, because 'tis the season 😆
Inscrit en nov. 2016

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7 décembre 2018
Have a great weekend and enjoy.😊
Inscrit en févr. 2017

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7 décembre 2018
& now the 4001 is up who's got it...
Inscrit en juin 2008

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7 décembre 2018
Hey, that's not a bad idea on locking in a card for the redraw. Thumbs up.
Inscrit en mars 2008

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7 décembre 2018
How is it that people like myself who have bought the most cards are penalized by not being able to participate in any of the weekly specials? Seems to me that customers who spent the most money should at least have the same if not better opportunities as everyone else! No offense! lol
Inscrit en avril 2016

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9 décembre 2018
Awesome idea/deal! I love it! Thanks!👍😎
Inscrit en févr. 2017

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9 décembre 2018
i just appreciats all Totem is doing for us sofar...

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