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Inscrit en nov. 2013

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10 mai
Highest note for my favorite card of all, featuring my favorite model here. Don't ask me to explain it because I can't: I'm just desperately in love with her. Seeing her featured in an ad for (what was then called) Virtual Girl resulted in me getting the software right away. This card was my first purchase. I love all her cards but this one's special because it's extra long.

I love you, Kami, and I'll never stop hoping against all odds to see more and more of you in here. Despite the high quality and quantity of women in here, none of them manage to dethrone you in my heart and I seriously doubt anyone ever will.
Inscrit en avril 2016

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11 avril 2016
Kami est une très belle femme avec un fessier d'enfer.
Inscrit en août 2008

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19 septembre 2016
Bonjour ma petite cherie .. Tu es tres belle et je t'aime
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