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Inscrit en juin 2009

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17 avril 2011
This is one of Kami's better cards to date. This beautiful, lithe redhead has a great look and heady sensuality, but doesn't always deliver it in a strong package. This card does so, with some great scenes involving an ice cream cone.

This card is very long with a lot of long clips, giving Kami a chance to really show her style and make use of an outfit that is great for her look. The pigtails and bikini-style farmer's daughter outfit are a perfect match for her young, half-innocent look.
Inscrit en oct. 2009

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18 juin 2010
what a beauty, a red haired women. realy lovely and "hot as hell"

she may needs a weapon license for her beauty and eyes and smile

10 of 10 points
Inscrit en nov. 2011

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16 décembre 2011
veramente straordinaria !!!

Kami, un bacio (kiss) ;-)
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