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Installez iStripper pour voir le show érotique complet de Silvie Deluxe directement sur votre barre des tâches. Il dure 38 minutes et contient des scènes très excitantes et explicites!

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Inscrit en nov. 2008

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8 octobre 2010
Meilleur commentaire Silvie has a pretty face, but I wouldn't say beautiful. Her body is not only very thin, but also distinctly lacking in curves. If it wasn't for her boobs (her best feature) she would be built like a boy, and a rather malnourished boy at that. So not my cup of tea in terms of looks

On the task-bar she does have a sexy, seductive attitude and is a fairly good interactive performer. I didn't find her very sexy though, since the rather emaciated look of her body was quite off putting for me.

Silvie is certainly not a pole dancer. Although she did have a go at using it to enhance her routine, but she never seemed particularly comfortable and ended up on the floor for long periods. So the presence of the pole was pretty much irrelevant in half the pole clips. The standing clips were a bit better, and she managed to inject a bit of fun into them. Still not much more than average though.

I would say this is the least enjoyable card I've seen on VG for some time, so I can only give a 5.
Inscrit en août 2015

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11 janvier 2018
I love her !
Inscrit en févr. 2014

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19 mai 2016
Silvie a un magnifique corps, elle est super belle et son visage laisse rêveur !
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