Peppermint tea avec


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Inscrit en févr. 2014

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23 mai 2016
Bien foutue la blondinette !
Inscrit en févr. 2012

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1 février 2013
I'm a huge fan of Nikita, and she is Peppermint Perfection in this performance. She is so sweet, petite, and hot!!!
Inscrit en juil. 2011

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9 février 2012
Nikita's Peppermint Tea is one of her best. The colors of her outfit suit her very well. She must have been listening to some of her favorite music when this was filmed, based on the enjoyment that shines through her bopping and shimmying about. It's always a treat to watch her press her relativly small breasts around the pole... very phalic! Nikita has probably the best "bedroom eyed" come hither looks on the site. Her form hugging dress just keeps working it's way up with every hip shake, much to our delight, especially when she goes commando!

Her fair skin helps to show off her clean-shaven pussy lips, and she obviously had a great time with this performance. She does loose her shoes in some clips, and that tush of hers would stop traffic. The shows length isn't bad at over half an hour, but I never get tired of her, even if a clip repeats immediately.

Her eyes alone will turn you on, even if Nikita was bundled up like an eskimo.

10 out of 10

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