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Inscrit en févr. 2008

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3 juin 2016
Her magnificent, slightly tilted eyes and her high cheekbones were already sufficient to make Antonia very attractive to me, all the rest is just bonus... and what bonus! Her breasts are perfect, and in this oufit she doesn't even have to touch them to make them obvious. Antonia's figure is beyond reproach, she has long legs (those stockings on her... oh my) and a very sexy demeanour. Whatever more could anyone ask for?? What a beauty...
Inscrit en mai 2019

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22 mai
tres sexy
Inscrit en juin 2009

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24 décembre 2011
Prior to this, my experience with Antonia had all been on DeskBabes. She translates well to the VirtuaGirl medium, however, and this card exemplifies her beauty, near-perfect body, and great sensual attitude.

The outfit in this card is pure lingerie that makes you think that she would, indeed, make a Wonderful Meal. The outfit leaves enough to the imagination that you are glad to see it finally come off, but hints at enough beforehand that you know that you'll be in for a treat when it does get removed.

Antonia's performance is great, with a mixture of soft- and hard-core, though no envelope pushing as far as VGHD. Her excellent striptease and great smile and attitude, though, really shine through on this one. The only down side is that this card has more than a few non-nude clips (about half the card), which detracts from it enough to keep it from being a Perfect 10.
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