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Inscrit en juil. 2008

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10 août 2017
Dans un mois c'est la rentrée et avec Tanja, on a tous envie de retourner à l'école. Lorsqu'elle dévoile ses jolies fesses en soulevant malicieusement sa jupette plissée, c'est un coin de paradis qui s'ouvre au sommet de ces jambes douces. Et quand elle défait son corsage, ses petits seins ronds viennent enchanter nos yeux brillants de plaisir. Que du bonheur :)
Inscrit en juil. 2011

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25 août 2013
Tanja as the Teacher's Pet reminds me of a grown-up Wednsday Adams who's gotten quite horny. This "naughty schoolgirl" costume works well on her, complete with basic white panties, and I'm glad to see normal heels. Foot fans: she doesn't like shoes, there are many clips where she's barefoot! Also upskirt fans: if she's wearing the skirt: she will show you what's underneath!

Tanja keeps herself shaved smooth, and her small-handfull perky breasts compliment her good teasing, very nice legs, and faint venus dimples. Her smile is often subdued but still quite charming. I did see some times where her eye-contact broke the show's illusion (I hate that). The length of show was good at 39 minutes of her coy and seductive stripteases, showing off her various parts quite well. There are only 3 pole clips, and for her it's only a prop. If you like upskirt shots, bare feet, or hip shaking: you're good to go.

10 out of 10
Inscrit en avril 2011

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27 mars 2015
Here in this card I do like the pony tails. Nice outfit it show her sexy legs. Over all 9/10 for me.
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