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Inscrit en août 2008

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8 mars 2017
Bonjour ma petite cherie... J'aime tes 'efforts

pour paraitre tres attirante ..Je T'aime ma petite cherie
Inscrit en avril 2008

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12 mai 2014
Want something different? Buy this card! No pole clips, no cage clips, no swing clips. Most clips feature beach or sun bathing "accessories" and they actually ADD to this show. Most members can name a card where accessories detracted from the show. Not here! Sometimes you feel like you are staring across the beach at Elody. And you will stare. Elody knows how to show the goods!

A rare 10 from me.
Inscrit en oct. 2011

49 commentaire(s)
8 septembre 2013
Elody's body, hotness & smiles, shame almost all younger women. I still can't believe how hot & sexy Elody is!
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