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Installez iStripper pour voir le show érotique complet de Armina directement sur votre barre des tâches. Il dure 36 minutes et contient des scènes très excitantes et explicites!

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Inscrit en juin 2013

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6 juin 2016
un delice, bandante a souhait
Inscrit en juin 2009

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11 septembre 2013
This is an excellent debut card from Virtua Girl newcomer Armina. Armina is a beautiful, well-built, and very likable woman with a lot of allure. Her performance is very good, though not spectacular, but is well worth watching.

Armina appears in a skin-tight, revealing night club dress that accentuates her beautiful, natural body and great build. Adding to the show is Armena's obvious understanding of what her key assets are and how to showcase them for the viewer. She is an experienced desktop dancer, though only average at striptease.

With her strong, but lithe neck, tightly pulled back hair, great shape and look, and beautiful expression, Armena is hard not to like. Definitely a card worth getting and we look forward to more from this hot VirtuaGirl!
Inscrit en oct. 2011

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9 septembre 2013
My opinion of Armina, is that she has a stunning body & great moves..... her face is nice, but not as cute as some of the other beautiful VG/DB Models. While Armina does not have as many wide open lady parts shots & many times she does cover herself with her hand, because of her beautiful, firm breasts, I think this card is worth buying.
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