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Angela Diamond

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Inscrit en juil. 2010

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6 juin 2017
J'adore ce chemisier-corset transparent !!!

Je veux le même pour ma femme... Où peut-on trouver ça ?

J'adore le show également, très peu de petite culotte .... sexy à souhait !
Inscrit en févr. 2008

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10 juin 2016
A very, very sexy outfit for Angela, who wears it incredibly well. I especially like when she's butt-naked and keeps her see-through top on. Love that card!
Inscrit en janv. 2010

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28 novembre 2018
Got this in a Lucky Box today, hadn't come across Angela before. I'm really glad I did, and I'll be checking out her other shows as well.

This show is a pantiless upskirt lover's delight.

Out of 14 nudity/full nudity clips, she either starts pantiless or discards them before the skirt in 10 clips. In a couple of those, the top comes off first but then the panties are next.

Yeah, I know Angela has fake Big Old Bolt-On Boobies, but they're nicely done and she has delicious nipples that shine through that top.

Contrary to what others have said, I had to look real hard to see any scars. Now I hate bob-job scars and have deleted some shows because of ghastly examples, but there's nothing here even close to making me do that with this show.

There's not much 'performance' here - she moves around a bit and rips the clothes off with minimum fuss rather than dancing. But she maintains good eye contact and when she smiles she lights up the screen.


If you like pantiless upskirt, you're in for an all-you-can-eat buffet here.

5 Pantiless Upskirt Heaven Stars.
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