Silver Gleam avec

Aika May

 4.51 (455 votes)

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Inscrit en août 2008

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6 juin 2017
MOn petit ange adore Je T'Aime
Inscrit en mai 2014

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Il y a 26 jours
Aika May est très jolie et je suis fan de ses bas sur cette carte, mais le show en lui-même est un peu répétitif, dommage.
Inscrit en mars 2015

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17 février 2016

Unlike somee of her other cards, she does not bring herself to a climax and I find that somewhat disappointing. The card is really a demonstartion of how she moves and dances. This shows that she really does not always need to use other ways to show her sexuality. The movements in her performances are very sensual but unfortunately I do not find them very arousing. This is a pity and I would have liked to see her reach a climax by the end of the show.

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