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Summer et Savannah Secret

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Inscrit en juil. 2008

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14 octobre 2018
Voilà un duo comme je les aime, avec deux jolies nanas bien chaudes et ouvertes à tous les jeux coquins. J'aime beaucoup la jolie toison qui orne la belle chatte de Savannah, ça offre un côté naturel très sexy et très excitant. Bref, que du bon ici :)
Inscrit en févr. 2014

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2 juin 2016
Savannah la jolie brune à la chatte poilue est une vraie bombe sexuelle qui aime se faire brouter par une belle blonde....
Inscrit en juin 2009

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22 août 2013
This is a hot, hot card featuring Summer, a lithe and petite blond, and Savannah Secret, a hottie destined to become a new favorite Desk Babe. Together, these two have great chemistry and produce a lot of action.

The only thing holding this card back is that many of the scenes are a little slow. The girls are obviously into one another, but take a long time to get around to doing anything, often glancing at the camera as if to check to see if it's still running. While Summer is too thin for my tastes, she is still very hot and active, so it's not a detriment to enjoyment here.

Savannah, however, is the real star. She has a beautiful, natural body and a full-on hairy muff - a rarity in today's shaved world.

Definitely a great card and well worth getting. Only an iota away from a Perfect 10 score too. Well worth it.
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