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Paloma Ass et Lana Fever

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Inscrit en juin 2010

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11 octobre 2018
un peut décus je matendez a mieux , pas de caresse érotique ,elle socupe plus de la caméra ,du baclé dommage ,
Inscrit en juin 2009

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7 novembre 2013
This is a very good duo show featuring the beautiful Paloma Ass and the powerful newcomer Lana Fever. Together, they are a good team, though some scenes and some of the action appears a little forced and contrived. The playful scenes are fun, though, and the down-and-dirty action is excellent.

Paloma, of course, is a near-perfect black woman with big natural breasts while Lana is a raven-haired, tattooed beauty with big fake breasts. They contrast well together and seem to have a similar set of sexual tastes, which helps in the matchmaking.

Overall, this is a great lipstick lesbian show and is well worth seeing.
Inscrit en avril 2011

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17 novembre 2013
Love them.
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