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Erica Fontes

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Inscrit en juil. 2008

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1 avril 2017
Très joli sourire, attirant comme un aimant. Des jambes et un cul divins, Erica a tout pour plaire et en plus, elle joue très bien avec son sextoy. Très bon show :)
Inscrit en oct. 2011

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17 janvier 2014
I rather like Erica's breasts or boob job. They are everything I look for in a fake rack. Both breasts are very close to the same size, both are pointing the same direction, both are very perky. About the scars...... the crease under her breasts is not a normal place I put my hands or tongue on, so it's not a area that I would be staring at. Would I like Erica better without her boob job? I am 99% sure that I would. In my experience, women that have my idea of a good boob job, first have very nice smaller breasts, before the surgery.

Whatever your tastes goes as far as fake breasts goes, don't let it be your only factor in buying Erica's card. I find her very cute & sexy, regardless of her breasts.
Inscrit en juil. 2011

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5 mars 2014
Nice ass, pretty face, but a little too skinny for my taste. As for the boobs, refer to Displayname. Good work with the dildo, always a plus. Very sexy attitude.
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