Goddess Of Love avec

Lia Taylor

 4.5 (369 votes)

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Inscrit en mars 2012

83 commentaire(s)
23 avril 2018
Lia, tu es vraiamnt ravissante. tes levres sont délicieusement pulpeuses et ton sourire ravageur.
Inscrit en mars 2009

1589 commentaire(s)
18 février 2018
Lia déesse de l'amour sans aucun doute.
Inscrit en juin 2009

547 commentaire(s)
19 novembre 2014
Another more-than-hot performance from Lia Taylor here. This woman is easily labeled "goddess" and without remorse. She is about as perfect as they come. In this toga-style dress with the gold chain belt, she could definitely pass for a Greek gooddess with her beautiful skin and long dark hair. If ever there was a candidate for Athena, Lia is it.The card has the usual striptease, but with fun side notes like the lace panties and the interesting cut of the dress giving Lia a little leeway for play. She knows how to keep your attention, for sure.A great card and another easy Perfect 10 for Lia. Hot. Hot. Hot. Well worth the tickets.
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