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Installez iStripper pour voir le show érotique complet de Nephael directement sur votre barre des tâches. Il dure 33 minutes et contient des scènes très excitantes et explicites!

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Inscrit en févr. 2008

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7 mars
Of course the strip is technically perfect, Nephael is a professional stripper. And of course she's beautiful and sexy. But as always with professional strippers, the show lacks involvement and it doesn't really feel natural. It feels like a routine, rather mechanical at times, even though she never forgets to smile. It certainly doesn't mean it's a bad show, far from it, but it doesn't reach the heights it could have because the viewer can't feel properly engaged.
Inscrit en oct. 2012

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15 septembre 2016
comme toujours NEPHAEL est ravisante
Inscrit en avril 2017

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12 mai 2017
wow very very sexy
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