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Inscrit en mars 2019

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6 avril
I can't pass on the look, it seems so much fake for my taste, but I must say that his show is somewhat good to see. Nice moves and excitement coming from her. *Note, the xxx are 4 minutes in total, and have no sounds and not much of xxx, for those who that matter.
Inscrit en mai 2009

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1 mars 2015
Looking back on some of Kyra's Porn clips, it's very clear that she has always been full lipped (NOT Botox). even back before she had the garter or butterfly Tats her appearance has not changed much here, so all the negative commentors need to do thier homework. the bright pink, wet look lipstick she has always preferred may give this impression under Totem's studio lights, but except for the bust enhancements she is and always has been all natural. I realise that voluptuouse girls are rare in the other countries, but here in the U.S. they're beautiful curves are plentiful and appreciated. Kyra is in fact quite hot and sultry, and can even dance well. the shy sexiness she has always had in her porn clips is evident here as well, in a good way. Kyra likes to be appreciated for what she is, a curvy and sensuouse hottie with a touch of down home charm. why some of you on here can't see and appreciate that is your own problem. and she looks good her as a blonde, so ease off the girl.
Inscrit en juin 2013

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28 février 2015
I love the girls in leggins and KIra looks very , very Hot. 10/10
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