Delicate flower avec

Vinna Reed

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Inscrit en févr. 2008

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11 avril
Vinna always has a wonderful effect on me. She's so sexy, and I'm subjugated by her big, sublime blue eyes, her cite little mouth, and of course her tight body. She looks supremely elegant and classy in that nice dress, all the while keeping her naughtiness intact. And her hairstyle on this card is great. Superb card.
Inscrit en août 2008

722 commentaire(s)
2 juillet 2016
Comme tu es belle ma cherie ...J'ai envie de toi !!!
Inscrit en avril 2015

240 commentaire(s)
11 juillet 2015
There are definitely some DB light moments going on here. Love the dress! Plenty of fantastic teasing going on the whole time, which I was not really expecting after her debut DB card. Keep those smiles coming :D
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