Sexy cheerleader avec

Jillian Janson

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Inscrit en mars 2011

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29 février 2016
Nothing more cheerfull for a footballplayer than beïng cheered up by Jillian Janson as indeed a very sexy cheerleader. A good accessoire would have been the pom poms.
Inscrit en août 2012

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18 mars 2016
Jillian Janson is a rampantly stunning treasure to the porn world. She is the superstar of the new age of performers, giving joy and privilege to her adoring public. My new favourite for the blessed champion of beauty.
Inscrit en janv. 2016

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16 juin 2017
I met a young girl who looked very much like jillian who was working as a skimpy barmaid .I asked her if she would like to make some extra cash as a private dancer one on one . All she had to do was walk around and lie back on the couch in a sexy little outfit for the same as she was getting paid as a skimpy . I must admit she took me by surprise with her skills at extracting more and more money from me as I became totally addicted to her. In the end I used to spend half my wages on her every week and still not be able to touch her , Jillian would have that power over me and many many others no doubt.
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