Bold Beauty avec

Keisha Grey

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Inscrit en oct. 2016

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29 mars 2018
Keisha is my absolute favorite! She is the only girl that I will not even take a look at the preview before buying a set. I have all her sets. Keep them coming please! Sometimes, she can get repetitive in her moves, but she is so perfect with her face and she works her body so good that I don't even care a bit! Moooore!
Inscrit en juin 2011

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3 février 2017
Du lourd!!!! Quel bon goût ces chaussures ultra hautes pour ce type de physique tout en en forme! Je bande à fond:)
Inscrit en févr. 2008

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3 février 2017
I'm not usually into innovation as far as lingerie goes, but this outfit is probably the ultimate match for Keisha Grey. This woman should be prohibited from ever wearing clothes, and this lingerie should definitely be her style reference. A very hot card, meow! Keisha has never been more beautiful.
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