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Galina A

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Inscrit en sept. 2012

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22 juin 2018
Meilleur commentaire -GALINA A by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Schoolgirl uniform always looks good on this kind of body, she was really playfull and did a lot of candid upskirt. (well this skirt is more a belt than a skirt anyhow ! )
Inscrit en juil. 2008

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23 juin 2018
La tenue hyper sexy est juste parfaite pour souligner les formes divines de Galina. Son air coquin et enjoué fait merveille dans ce show et je ne me lasse pas de la regarder évoluer sensuellement sur mon écran. Magnifique !
Inscrit en juin 2012

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30 juin 2018
Galina has all the talent in the world...a great smile, and unique beauty, tremendous flexibility, large labia, curves with large breasts and butt, piercings, pubic hair...she is one of the more visually appealing girls in quite a while. Her first card showed quite a bit of her skill although with a tinge of nervousness and inexperience. This show kicked up the timid quite a bit. A handful of her full nudity scenes show barely any nudity, she only showed her great flexibility in one card. The outfit was made for tease and upskirts but I really didn't feel her acting went with the teasing. She is a slow dancer and I found myself bored and then noticed, "oh, its and upskirt" I was never clued into it with acting. Maybe this was her first scene and she was nervous but it was a step down from her first card.
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