Warm Glow avec

Chloe Lamoure

 3.3 (281 votes)

Installez iStripper pour voir le show érotique complet de Chloe Lamoure directement sur votre barre des tâches. Il dure 42 minutes et contient des scènes très excitantes et explicites!

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Inscrit en sept. 2012

250 commentaire(s)
17 décembre 2018
Meilleur commentaire - Chloe Lamoure by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Oh my ! Chloe is perfect mix of childish face with this genuine smile and soooo shaped body with those incredible tits ! That's a good show to fall in love...
Inscrit en août 2012

13 commentaire(s)
17 décembre 2018
I dont understant people that doesnt like big fake boobs and buys cards although they can see fake boobs in the card they are buying... I dont like skinny et small tits, and i dont buy these types of cards just to rate it with a 1. For those who've bought calendar, you have to know that some of cards you'll get in it, will disappoint you. But its not a reason to write some bad critisisms...
Inscrit en juin 2011

1027 commentaire(s)
16 décembre 2018
In my opinion, this bad rating seems work as a FAKE NEWS. What you see in the demo is nothing what you will earn on pleasure by buying this card!!!

For sure, I will jerk off by watching this fucking gorgeous slutty, thanks Chloe...
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